Fideicomiso Beneficial Trust

In 1971, President Luis Echeverria Alvarez wrote a presidential decree allowing Mexican banks to old property in trust for foreigners. The Fideicomiso is the name for the Beneficial Trust, and you can consider it as ironclad as the deed to your home in the United States or Canada.

Buy Property in Mexico

As purchaser of a property, you have full ownership rights. You may use and enjoy, build, rent will or sell the beneficial rights in the trust anytime, conforming only the general laws of the country established for all persons. The term of the trust is 50 years, and it’s automatically renewable by law. In other words, title to the property may rest in one beneficiary indefinitely, provided that it’s renewed within the terms established by the law.

Never before has it been easier and safer for foreigners to purchase real estate in Mexico.

Any foreigner may invest in property through a bank trust or FIDEICOMISO, the equivalent of an American beneficial trust. To do this, the buyer requests a Mexican bank of their choice to act as the trustee on their behalf. The bank then obtains the permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to acquire the property in trust. This trust is for 50 years and is automatically renewable for another 50 years. During this time, the buyer has all the rights of direct ownership, including selling, leasing, and developing the property. In addition, it becomes part of the buyer’s estate and can be passed on to their heirs without inheritance tax. The trustee (bank) is responsible to the beneficiary (buyer) to ensure precise fulfillment of the trust according to Mexican law assuming full technical, legal and administrative supervision in order to protect the interests of the beneficiary.